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Willie Leftwich has a personal journey unlike many but shares experiences and obstacles with individuals from all walks of life. The native Washingtonian was raised with two siblings-a younger brother George Leftwich who would become a professional basketball player, and a younger sister Ezalia Leftwich who became a prominent practicing medical doctor.


Willie’s road to artistry did not begin until the later part of his life. Early years before Willie-the potter were defined as Willie-the Howard University graduate majoring in electrical engineering. Willie-the U.S. Army Solider would follow before law school birthed Willie-the DC lawyer, his retirement unlike that of a normal retiree would be caused by cancer, the cancer would give birth to Willie-the potter.


Unlike his previous ventures Willie took pottery on as therapy during his stressful chemo treatments. The art of pottery became his life’s work. Delving deep into his craft, Willie became a success after years of practice, determination, and deep respect for the art. Willie has studied many styles, shapes, and methods before mastering his own craft focusing on wood-fired ceramics.


His forms are methodically designed, a form would appear in his mind after interactions with everyday objects. A grid paper canvas would give the first sign of life to his imagination. He would then begin the process of building his art forms with clay.


The year of 2008 would take away Willie’s art after suffering from a stroke that would handicap him for years. His tenacious personality would drive his rehabilitation and make Willie-the potter, emerge once again.

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